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Wrong Way

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I spend a lot of time figuring out the best way to do things. And this process of finding the right way gets me quite stuck.

When I’m most stuck, it’s because I’m afraid of getting it wrong. I’m afraid of doing work that doesn’t directly further the goal.

This is the stupidest thought one could have. No work is ever wasted. Everything helps. And a great key to getting unstuck…


The hardest part of any project is just getting started. You gotta start somewhere. Anywhere. Find the “right” way by doing it wrong.

A technique in acting when you are stuck is to take the choice that seems right and do the opposite. And quite often, the wrong choice can be very, very interesting.

-Cutting a short music video may be the wrong way to get started on editing your documentary, but it might shed new light on those hundreds of hours of footage.

-Sketching a skyscraper on a napkin may be the wrong way to start your script, but it could open your mind to new scenes if the building relates to the story somehow.

-Video tutorials on how to rotoscope light sabers may have no direct use in your period piece film, but it could get the juices flowing for you to work on that sky replacement for that countryside shot.

Like a machine of seized cogs, if you can move one, the rest will follow.

By all means, if you are not stuck, don’t think of this as an excuse to linger around unrelated areas. It’s only a tool to get you back on track. Honor that blessing of a clear mind and focus on the work. But if you are stuck…

Free yourself to do the work wrong. In the reality of creative work, there is no right or wrong. Waiting for the right way is the only wrong way.